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International standard

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TESOL certificate, globally recognized ESL teaching qualification certification

It focus on English teaching methods.

Passing assessment exams can earn you an internationally recognized TESOL certificate, qualifying you to teach English as a second language worldwide. Many accredited TESOL programs are available in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
TESOL value
TESOL issued
Globally recognized
Education field
The TESOL certificate is accredited and issued by TESOL universities.

It is recognized both domestically and internationally.
Domestic certificates are only valid locally.
TESOL certificate is globally recognized for its validity and authority.
TESOL holders are welcomed in English education worldwide.
They have direct access to the international job market with excellent employment prospects.
The TESOL certificate is a globally recognized ESL teaching qualification. It represents international standards in English teaching skills. The validity and authority of the TESOL certificate are widely recognized worldwide. Having a TESOL certificate is like having a global "green pass" for teaching English.
The TESOL certificate is recognized by over 100 countries and 5,000 schools worldwide. Having a TESOL certificate is also an advantage in applying for jobs at foreign companies.
70% of multinational English education institutions require teachers to pass the TESOL exam. 90% of the top 100 English education institutions in the country require their teachers to have a TESOL certificate.
TESOL authority
TESOL Courses
Online recorded Lectures/ offline training
TESOL for Children
Aiming on 3-13 years old kids
TESOL Advanced
Aiming on middle schools and high schools
TESOL For Busness
Aiming on businessman and enterprises

TESOL Offline Training Schedule 2024/06-2024/10

2024/06 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL Advanced Certificate06/08-06/129:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL for Children Certificate06/24-06/289:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/07 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate07/8-07/129:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate07/22-07/269:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/08 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate08/12-08/169:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate08/19-08/239:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/09 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate09/02-09/069:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate09/15-09/199:30-16:00Small class size:8-12

2024/10 TESOL Course

TESOL Certificate CourseCourse dateClass HoursClass Size
TESOL for Children Certificate10/01-10/059:30-16:00Small class size:8-12
TESOL Advanced Certificate10/06-10/109:30-16:00Small class size:8-12


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TESOL learning methods
Focused, immersive environments enhance concentration and rapid improvement.
Clean, comfortable settings and well-equipped classrooms foster quick progress. Direct interaction with expert teachers accelerates learning, ideal for those needing rapid advancement in a convenient timeframe.
Use every spare moment in daily life for learning. No geographical limitations, you can register anytime. Main textbooks and exam outlines are provided. Complete 21 assignments from the exam outline and submit them via email. Retain the essence of in-person classes while leveraging the benefits of self-study.
online self study
Face to face
Online assignments
Exam guidelines
TESOL certificates' key values

Compliant with UNESCO's international teaching standards. Enhances your English skills globally; a world-class teaching certification. An internationally recognized "green card" for English teachers; required for foreign expert certificates. Approved by China's Foreign Experts Affairs. Helps secure high-paying jobs and advance your career.
In-service English teachers:
English teachers aiming to improve teaching standards and gain international qualifications for career advancement.
Foreigners in China:
Native English-speaking foreigners who enjoy diverse cultures, embrace challenges, and wish to work in education in China or globally.
On campus Students:
Students with CET-6 or higher, and those aspiring to teach English globally.
Aspiring English educators with good skills and those planning to study or work abroad.
TESOL training groups
More jobs, advanced careers
Since 2010, over 2,000 outstanding Chinese and foreign teachers have obtained TESOL certification. Certified teachers can teach English globally. Some have chosen to work at institutions like Zhejiang University, Sun Yat-sen University, TAFO Education, Wall Street English, Web International English, Rise English, and EF Education.
Internationally recognized

Globally accepted

International standard

Brilliant teachers

Recognized by 7,000+ universities in 100+ countries, the advanced TESOL certificate earns US credits and aids in studying abroad and immigration.
The advanced TESOL certificate is recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. It offers high-paying job opportunities and partnerships with top universities.

There are four levels of TESOL certificate: TESOL for children, TESOL advanced, TESOL for business, and TESOL for experts.

Founded in 1966, TESOL is accredited by the American Council on Education.
It is the most authoritative certificate in the field of English education worldwide!

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