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1.The Purpose for me to Learn this Class

Generally speaking,I wants to be an unique English

teacher and I have my own teaching characteristics and teaching ideas.I really want to apply it in my own classroom to make my class full of interesting and make my students enjoy the class.Sometimes, I was confused and wondered are there any interesting class designs ,games or more

specialized teaching methods, so that’s why I came here.

At the beginning of the class, we discussed “what makes a great teacher”,how should teachers talk to

students.At this time, I start to think,What kind of teacher am I, what can my students learn in my class, and what impact can I bring to my students.These are simple questions, but I couldn’t answer it immediately.After a short thought, my answer is that good teachers should full of patient and love their students,they should have

professional skills,and a good personal style,obviously, my answers are so general.

I was deeply impressed by two sentences, the first one is“A poor teacher complains, an average teacher
explains ,a good teacher teaches , a great teacher inspires”. When we are not satisfied with our own teaching class, we sometimes complains that the child's classroom discipline is not good, the child is too naughty, students do not do their homework ,they do not understand what we teach,but now I gradually realized that the clown is

me.When we talk about grammar, most of us let children

memorize grammar rules, and when we talk about reading, we just emphasize the reading skills,but after these day’s

study,I understand the importance of inspiring students.Before the class we should know what they’ve

want to learn from us.

2.Know more about Learning Style

Through the class ,it was the first time I know there are 8 types of learning styles,they are verbal ,visual ,musical, auditory, physical,kinesthetic ,Logical,mathematical,

social and combination.Children in a class may have a different learning styles and various of levels of English levels,Therefore, when we are preparing lessons, we need to take into account the characteristics and needs of different children, so it is very necessary to divide students into different groups in class.In the teaching process, through the reward and punishment measures, and maximize the interaction with children, so that different types of children can participate in the class,and each of them will learn a lot during class time.The 8 types of students learning style are as follows:

1.Verbal : prefer using words, both in speech and writing. 2.Visual: prefer using pictures, images, and spacial understanding.
3.Musical/ auditory:prefer using music and sound

4.Physical/ kinesthetic:prefer using body and hands and sense of touch.
5.Logical/ mathematical:prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.

6.Social: prefer learn in group or with others. 7.Solitary:prefer to work alone and use self- study.

8.Combination:Combine these features together.

I think knowing these methods will help me understand my children better and teach them better.At the same time, I can make myself more fully and diversified when preparing lessons

3.Know more about teacher’s talk to students and arouse the students' interest

Sometimes children do not understand what we say,just

because the teacher's instructions in class are not clearly enough. Through the first day's study, I realized the importance of clear instructions. and we have four ways to promote effectively communication.eg:We can use physical movement like gestures,posters,expressions and

mime.We should take students current ability into consideration.At the same time,we can use our physical

expressions to arose students interest,and we can also

change our tones of voice that will be great fun. What’s more, we should give students motivation
Push them to learn.
During the class time,our teach should be simple and

logical,We should make more eye contact when we speak and make it easier of grammatical structures.

截屏2021-10-09 下午1.39.28.png

4.Maps and Games

Our brains can be divided into two parts: left brain for logic and right brain for creativity.There are 8 types of map they are: bubble map, double bubble map,flow map,multi-

flow map,circle map,tree map ,Brace map and bridge map.Brain maps can help us to simplify the powerpoint and

more knowledge more logically can make students remember things logically and save time after class.

5. Words Formation

If we want to teach words, we should pay attention to these five aspects, namely pronunciation, spelling, meaning, usage and writing, among which the first four are the most

important.Generally speaking,there are 8 types of word formation.They are :compounding,conversion,

clipping,blending,background information,acronyms,

onomatopoeia and eponyms.If we teach words in some specific context, such as news, stories, jokes, with context, students will understand and use the words better. In addition, word formation will help children to remember words systematically in a short time, and children will classify them autonomously, they will learn from remembering single words to learning vocabulary groups

6. Teaching Method

Among the teaching methods, I think there are three most practical ones.They are Total Physical Response,Task- based Language Teaching ,Task-based Language Teaching and Direct Method.Total Physical Response is the most effective method when we teaching.Teacher just like a guidance,he/she can go around the class and he/she

should give students some words(most of them are verbs) such as “jump” or a phrase just like everybody

hands up / look at the blackboard and demonstrating an action.
Next,task is not concerned with language form itself, but the meaning of the language.Tasks should be close to the

real life to make sure that students can build a connection between real life situation and what they learned from class.It aims at providing opportunities for the learners to master and use both spoken and written language through learning.

As for direct Method it the same as “ the natural method”, with this teaching method, language is learned inductively.If you teach grammar,you won’t be telling students about

rules,you should provide them with lots of examples.You’ll

let your students find the rules through themselves.
With this process, students can maximize their practicing by using gesturing, acting and interacting. They’re encouraged to talk, and feel confidence about it.So ,it’s pretty important to create a student’s-centered class.
In these four days of learning, I have a further understanding of the four skills of English listening, speaking, reading and writing



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